How it Works

We design and implement an online course based on you.

  • Step One: Assessment

    Complete our online assessment. Submit recordings of your speech for a detailed analysis of your accent patterns.

  • Step Two: Feedback Session

    Meet with Christine for a 45-minute 1:1 feedback session. We will review your assessment results and the custom course created for your specific needs and goals.

  • Step Three: Your Personal Course

    You're ready to use your personal training plan to access lessons, videos, recordings and custom materials to reach your goals! Work at your own pace, on your own timeline, and see the improvements in your speech.

Course curriculum

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A custom course for your specific needs, including a 1:1 training session, all for one low price.

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With your custom course, there's no guesswork about what you need to work on to improve your communication in American English.

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